Monday, June 15, 2009


Arienne Cohen finally went and did it -- and by it, I mean published a book for tall people. She, 6'3", has lots to say on the topic. A writer for New York Magazine, NY Times and more, Arienne is a witty words-lady and she knows what she's doing. So if you're tall or have a tallie in your life, treat them to some high times, and purchase The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life From On High. The book is now available at

From an email from Arienne:

"Here's a little update: Yesterday I went on the CBS Early Show, and you can see the clip of me talking tall here:

Publisher's Weekly put up the first review here:

And the book will be in People magazine this coming week (June 22 issue)! So far, so good. It will be in bookstores June 16th. Thanks so much for your support."

Good luck to Arienne from one tall mama (I'm 5'9", not quite as tall as Arienne) to another...

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