Monday, September 7, 2009


Diane, Steph and I do burlesque...or something like it! For reals! Don't miss this shit. It's going to be amazing or awful, but either way, it will be a spectacle to behold.

Also on the bill: duo comedy burlesque awesomes not seen the likes of since The O'Debra Twins -- Suspicious Packages! I'm so excited to have these girls in the show. They've been at a performance workshop retreat thing all summer in the desert and are bringing their hard work home to us, so don't let them down, be sure to BE THERE.

Rock band Hank and Cupcakes is on the bill and I'm excited because I haven't seen them yet.

Comedian Heather Fink is going to be in the show which is amazing because she has sorta "quit" doing comedy to focus on school and getting a learnin' on at NYU (I think?) so I'm really excited to have her in the show, because she's really great.

We will also have burlesque by Akynos who is awesome, and our house burlesque troupe The Chi-Chiones, also Little Miss Lixx and more.

Plus videos by Diane O'Debra and *possibly* if it all works out, the new "My Pussy Is Magic" video, taped in Scotland for a british television pilot! (Yep, you can say pussy on TV in Great Britain. That's one of the things that makes it so great.) And of course, our lovely host, Uncle Shappy, drink specials and giveaways by Pabst Blue Ribbon, your terrific bartender LEL and so much more.

This show's got it all, and by "it all" I mean, comedy, boobs and rock'n'roll. Doors are at 10, do be sure to arrive by 9:45 to get a good seat because this show gets SUPER packed. At $5 for all that show, it's no wonder why, now, is it?

Need more info? CLICK ON THE FACEBOOK INVITE HERE and don't forget to come! I know how you get busy, you make plans to do things and then you don't do them. It's ok, that's life, but we made a show for you to see, so come and see it!!

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