Wednesday, January 6, 2010

REVIEW: 50 COMICS first jokes

The show was great -- generally I get a little bored watching comedy showcases with one comedian after another, but this show kept it moving so quickly with such good gems and bits I didn't have time to get bored. The show went kind of long too, over 2 hours, and I sat and watched the whole thing attentively. But then again, I'm sort of a comedy nerd. Shout out to some of the ladies, JiWon Li, Claudia Cogan, Sara Schaffer, Giulia Rozzi, Liz Kaplan, Diane O'Debra and others too -- the ladies really brought it! There wasn't a ton of veggie pattie in that sausage party, but for what was there, I was proud and impressed. Way to represent my lassie home slices!

I did a new jingle, called "I Google Myself!" I might make a little video to put up later.

Of course, many of the fellas were great too, with a lot of guys I didn't know and never having seen before knocking my socks off (and as John F. O'Donnell quipped, some of them knocked my socks back on".)

Sean Patton's introduction was great, Matt McCarthy, Victor Varnado, so many others. I'd mention them by name but as I mentioned above, many I'd never seen before. Myq Kaplan was great too -- here, enjoy this lovely little video of his recent appearance on Conan O'Brien. It made me LOL heh hm, yuck, ha.

See y'all next year at the next 50 COMICS show, and, at like, a whole bunch of other shows in between, like for example --

SAVE THE DATE: Wed, Jan 13:

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