Friday, February 5, 2010

with Carolyn Castiglia & Jessica Delfino, among many others!!

SPLURGE! at Happy Ending is a brand-new monthly comedy showcase featuring stand-up and musical comedy from New York's most exciting talent. Every month will bring the premiere of a new short comedic film, and each show will close with host Carolyn Castiglia's hilarious signature freestyle rap.


ROB CANTRELL (Marijuana-Logues, Last Comic Standing)

HARI KONDABOLU (Live at Gotham, Jimmy Kimmel Live)

ANDREA ROSEN (Michael and Michael Have Issues, Stella)

BARON VAUGHN (Live at Gotham, Black Dynamite)

LIZZ WINSTEAD (Creator of The Daily Show)

Musical Guest: JESSICA DELFINO (Montreal Just for Laughs Festival)

Plus the premiere of my newest music video S.A.D. with Tom McCaffrey (Premium Blend) and Mara Herron (Maury), shot by Anya Garrett (Comedy Central's "Honesty" web series).


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