Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Three Hour Tour -- my trip to Cape Ann, Mass
Cape Ann Community Cinema rocks, free records, Amanda's Bananas

Yesterday around noon I hopped my booty into a shimmering, shiny, rented Ford Focus, scooped up my pal Our Lady of Perpetual PMS, tossed my guitar and some other gear into the back seat and scooted on up the coast line to Gloucester, Mass for a one night only engagement. I'm a very good driver with a bit of a lead foot and made it to our destination in just under 5 hours. 

I LOVE the Cape Ann Community Cinema. It's like a huge living room where you can have a comfy couch all to yourself while you watch a movie on a big white wall. Some couches even ROCK, literally as well as figuratively. The place is stocked with great movies, and they also rent many of the films out with a very lenient rental policy that I overheard as, "Yeah, just bring it back when you're done with it." That's the New England I know, love and miss. There, you don't fear that if you sit on a couch at a bar, there's a good chance you're sitting in a semen covered nest of bed bugs. And by "you" I guess I mean, "I." 

In addition, the place is stocked with tasty organic snacks like yummy nutritional yeast-ed popcorn and Amanda's frozen bananas, a very racy snack indeed, even for an already edgy fruit. Because it resembles what an african american penis looks like. 

Below the terrific CACC is a great record store which us gals foraged through briefly before we headed off for a pre-show dinner across the street at the Italian joint. The record store was huge, vast and so amazing. They even had a "Riscque comedy" bin, spelled just like that! I perused my genre, found a real gem and purchased it on the spot. 

Robert and the small audience that braved the cold New England weather to attend the show were gracious and interesting to talk to. Below, Our Lady of Perpetual PMS talks to about half the audience after the show and hocks some merch. 

We ended the show with a Q & A and chatted until we had nothing left to chat about. 

Our Lady of PPMS and I then scavenged some free records from the free records bin at that aforementioned great music store below CACC and then we jumped into our Focus and vanished into the snowy night. 

A good time was enjoyed by all. 

Our Lady of Perpetual PMS primps before a mirror at the
Italian restaurant across the street, post pee pee.

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