Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skits'N'Tits! New hair cut! 

If you come to Skits'N'Tits, tonight, you will possibly win a large sexy toy, you will hear a new song by me as you look at my new hair cut (hint: my long luscious locks are all gone-sies) and you will be titillated and tickled and possibly traumatized to death. Now, doesn't that sound like fun? See ya there, 308 Bowery at 10 PM, NYC. Line-up and more details below!

TONIGHT's line up: 

TONITE’S LINE UP: (order subject to change)

Please welcome the sexy stylings of LEGS MALONE!
Mother’s Day is over, but it’s not too late to get mom a gift! The SKITS’N’TITS gals advise.
Voted funny by important people with pens! You, too, will adore CLAUDIA COGAN!
He writes for SNL. He starred in a Comedy Central show. It's HANNIBAL BURESS!
This hot mama is about to make you hers. Burlesque by KATE VALENTINE!
Comedian, beauty, thinker, writer for Jimmy Kimmel, jokes by SARA SCHAEFER!
Let’s take a look back at some of the best video moments of SKITS’N’TITS!
Are your eyes open & looking at the stage? Cause hot is about to happen: DELLA DARE!
Wow! It’s finalist in the Andy Kaufman awards + well-traveled funnyman MIKE AMATO!
Ms. DIANE O’DEBRA has a few hilarious things to say, so look at her and listen to her.
Folk music with dirty lyrics, like if Joni Mitchell was raised wrong! JESSICA DELFINO!
They’re a trio of amazing, titillating, burlesque-ating ladies – THE CHI CHIONES!

STICK AROUND at MIDNITE for a DANCE PARTY and late night drinks & mingling.


Authors of: “Invisible Marketing: How to be Known as an Expert by Becoming an Author (Without Writing a Word)”
Pick up a copy of their book, loaded with comics written by “Skits” chic JESSICA DELFINO, from Duv the doorman TONIGHT!
If you purchase one for $10, you will get a code for a FREE consultation (normally $150) by
Bill & Sheila about how to write your own book! Ask Jessica about the book for more details!
Kong has a strong emphasis on females appreciating porn and comedy. Comedy + Sex =
Check out the website, read, laugh, jerk off, whatever.
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