Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Rained For 4 Days In A Row
I've been counting.

Last night I did Sara Schaefer's show, "Get Off Your Knees" which was awesome and lots of fun, if you like it when great comedic minds make you laugh, you know, if that's your thing, or whatever. It just happens to be mine. I've never been to the Bell House before and I'm ashamed of myself to write that! But what a lovely venue, just a short hike away from the F train in a blooming semi-industrial-esque area of Park Slope. I really need to go to see more shows. I mean I live in NYC ferchrissakes. If I wanted to sit home and do nothing I could do that in Ohio and save thousands of dollars.

So if you have a really great show coming up, invite me to it and I'll come and bring a posse. Disclaimer: I want to see shows that are bizarre. The kinds of things you might see on a list like this. Things that make you scratch your head and create guttural sounds that are like laughter and awe combined. Shows that make me want to rush home and re-evaluate my life.

When I'm not writing songs and jokes, if that's what their real name is, I love starting new blogs. I'm obsessed. I have about 10 as of now, including a bike lover's blog, a blog about the Italian peoples, a blog with tips on being a better boyfriend, and a green living blog, in addition to this long time blog which you are reading and a few others that I regularly guest contribute to. None of these blogs are fully developed, but they are hobbies and works in progress. I'm about to add 2 new ones to the mix, which I'll unveil in a future blog entry. I should make a tee shirt that says "I Love To Blog" (for what?) and I really should be one of those people who makes a million dollars a year blogging, as if they really exist.

So if you come across any paid blog jobs, (even small salaries and stipends are considered) you know who to send them to. (Me. Jess Delfino at Yahoo dot com. So I have a Yahoo account still. Get over it. I have a Gmail account, too, I'm just not sharing it right now.)

Happy reading, happy blogging, happy Wednesday.

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