Wednesday, September 29, 2010


That's right, I'm officially an official commercial actor now with not one but two legitimate, bona-fide commercials under my belt. Last week I appeared in an international Fiat commercial playing guitar and flashing a peace sign at the camera, and this week I am in a "Gear To Go Outfitters" commercial alongside Dan Allen, shot by my faves, Andy Stuckey and Jon Murray. It was a really fun day shoot and I think the finished product looks pretty good. Nice job to the team!

If you ever want to go hiking, get in touch with GTG, they make a mean woodsman pasta with fresh grated parmesan. I don't know if sex comes with the trip or not, the way this video might indicate, but the wine actually DOES.

I have a commercial agent through Ingber & Associates, so call them and hire me to do stuff. Bye!

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