Saturday, October 9, 2010

at Education Alliance, starring me as your teacher!

Sign up now and learn guitar basics with me. Classes start in October. I've been teaching guitar and ukelele lessons through an agency for about a year now and am really enjoying it. Come learn how to write ribald and delightfully demented songs of your own!

Check out this article in the Grand Street News (featuring my photo) for more info...

And if you're thinking of buying a guitar, I suggest checking out, which has free shipping, which I deem to be awesome.

Upcoming shows:

TONIGHT, Sat Oct. 9
10 PM
Theater 80,
80 St. Marks, $10

Monday Oct. 11
New Song Monday
@ NY Talent Show
308 Bowery
10:30 PM

Wed Oct 13
Skits'N'Tits: Halloween Edition
308 Bowery
10 PM
with Joe Garden (editor, The Onion)
and many more awesome people doing
burlesque, comedy, and making awesome-ness
$8 at the door

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