Friday, October 22, 2010


Holy hair cut, the rest of this month is going to be an everlasting gobstopper with shows up the yin AND the yang. Saturday night at 10 PM at the nutty yet adorable Theater 80, (80 St. Marks, NYC) join me for Jena Friedman's Refugee Girls Revue if you haven't already seen it. It's a musical political satire with boys wearing skirts and us all singing our esophaguses out.

On Sunday, be one of us at the Halloween Freakfest at Tompkins "Scare" Park, 2 pm til dusk. Us chickens will be singing, dancing and necromancing on the stage and show provided and produced by Our Lady of Perpetual PMS. This free show features a bunch of solid freaks, 100% guaranteed or your money back, bitch.

After that, I'll be skyping on into the Galway Comedy Festival alongside Neil Hamburger and others. It's gonna be internationally, internetically awesome. I will be able to perform from the comfort of my own home. I LOVE THE INTERNET.

Finally, I'll close out my weekend with a set of some experimental brand spankzy new material at Three of Cups on RG Daniel's show, which if I'm not mistaken is at 8 in the pizza. That's what the kids say now instead of PM. They say, hey, wanna come over for dinner? My mom's cooking Hamburger Helper around 8 in the pizza. Because kids are stupid because their brains are still forming.

There's a lot of other stuff also going on the rest of this month, including the Rejection Show "Cease and Decist" next Wednesday, 9:30 at UCB with Jon Friedman, Jena Friedman (not related), myself and others and the actual real live Gong Show (part 2) on Halloween at BB King's in Times Square. The last show was out of control, like a train on PCP. It was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.

I used to do crazy Halloween shows with my old band Haunted Pussy every Halloween. We don't do them any more, now that the band has broken up, but I left up the website so that you can see how I used to party back in the bad old days.

Keep in touch. Thank you much.

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