Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here's the video from that shoot I did a few weeks ago with all those awesome people I told you about, Guy Richards Smit + crew. It was lots of fun and we have since also shot a 2nd episode. But here is the first one, up on FunnyOrDie.com, for you to peep your peepers upon:

And pre-order a Christmas CD! I have a dream that all 100 of these babies will sell. Let me have my Christmas miracle, will ya? You can pay via paypal.com ($10 shipped anywhere in the US, $15 shipped anywhere in the world) or you can write a check / money order. Email for more details - jessdelfino at yahoo dot com.

We are also looking into some digital distribution options, more details TBA.

Finally: This Thursday will be my last performance in NYC before I go on a 10 day hiatus and road trip, finishing my CD and doing a few shows out of town. Performances this week include:

Today, Tue: I'll be on www.katg.com podcast at 3ish PM.
Tmrw, Wed: I'll be on Alexis Guererros' Entertaining the Barback at Angels & Kings, 8 PM.
Thursday: I'll be at Rachel Kramer Bussel's In The Flesh at Happy Ending, 7 PM.

Then lots of fun stuff is coming up in December, including Skits'N'Tits 2 year anniversary show Dec. 8, Arlene's Grocery with Carla Rhodes Dec. 12, (and that will also be my official CD release party), and lots more crazy shit, so keep in touch and read the blog and my website for more info.

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