Saturday, December 4, 2010

Don't Be A Christmas Idiot This Year

As is tradition, many people put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, and as is per tradition, this is generally when houses, or in this case and also this case, mobile homes start catching on fire. Don't do that! Don't light your house on fire this Christmas. If for some reason, your loved one accidentally burns the house down this year, the song below is for you.

As much as anyone who loses their home this way during the holidays must be glad to be alive and safe, part of them must want to just look at the person responsible and yell, "You ass-tard, all of our possessions are gone!" And that is why I wrote this song.

You can find this jam on PERFECT HOLIDAYS is out now - you can order your copy by emailing $10 (shipped in the US, $15 shipped anywhere else) to me at jess delfino at yahoo dot com, through

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