Tuesday, March 8, 2011

53+ More Female Comedians Who Deserve Serious Love

I'd like to add a few more onto the list HuffPo started, just to dole some more credit while it's still International Women's Day. I've been performing comedy in NYC for almost 10 years, and I just met a lot of good female comedians. I know I'm forgetting a lot of people, too.

A comedy industry person said to me within the last 30 days, that "Festivals would love to use females, but it's just that there are no women doing comedy". (Please don't get mad at me for writing that if you are reading this, but now I must mock you anonymously :). Consider us even!)

So it feels good to see lists like the one on HuffPo and to write them, too. There truly are a shit load of us. Ok, so many of these women are more known for their music comedy or characters or improvisation, and some are dead or have quit, but they are all (or were) damn funny, internet space is free, and they've all inspired me and /or made me laugh. If you see someone who isn't on here, add them in the comments, and / or make your own list.

Sarah Jo Alloco
Adira Amram
Molly Anderson
Sue Ball
Lucille Ball
Elna Baker
Roseanne Barr
Jessie Cantrell
Carolyn Castiglia
Jacki Clarke
Claudia Cogan
Selena Coppock
Katina Corrao
Rachel Dratch
Ophira Eisenberg
Emily Epstein
Bridget Everett
Eliza Faria-Santos
Shaina Feinberg
Shayna Ferm
Myka Fox
Kimmy Gatewood
Bayne Gibby
Ilana Glazer
Erin Hall
Ann Harris
Katie Hartman
Carol Hartsell
Mara Herron
Katrin Hier
Erin Judge
Chemda Khalili
Kara Klenk
Esther Ku
Jen Kwok
Lisa Lampinelli
Heather Lawless
Jaime Lee
Margot Leitman
Sydney Maresca
Glennis McMurray
Veronica Mosey
Diane O'Debra
Tanya O'Debra
Rachel Parenta
Becky Poole
Molly Pope
Laura Prangley
Susan Prekel
Giulia Rozzi
Stephanie Sabelli
Hilary Schwartz
Eliza Skinner
Amber Tozer
Shane Webb
Mindy Raf
Carla Rhodes
Leah Rudick
Mandy Stadtmiller
Ahna Tessler
Lily Tomlin
Tracy Ullman
Ali Wong
Mae West
Jess Wood
Becky Yamamoto
Charlene Yi
Keisha Zollar

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HxC said...

Nice list. Mae West hailed from Bushwick !