Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Seinfeld's marriage counselor in today's NY POST

This was a fun thing -- I was asked to comment on different issues in the Seinfeld's marriage in today's NY Post in an article written by Mandy Stadtmiller, along with really hilarious comedians Kurt Metzger (fun fact, Kurt is my ex and I almost married him) and Jim Florentine. It was fun and a bit scary to be asked to judge one of the most powerful comedians in the world's marriage. He could probably destroy my entire career with a whisper. So I hunkered down and tried to just focus on being funny and having fun, and not censoring myself just because I was scared I might piss off a comedy god, or even worse, his wife.

It's OK, the NY Post got me back for any offenses I may have made by using the most god awful photo of me ever taken. It really should be destroyed. I look like I'm having a stroke in the photo. It's really a bad picture. Of course, Kurt and Jim both look normal and fine. Oh, life, you bastard.

Check out the article HERE. I think I'd be a good relationship counselor after the hell I've been through, romanticals-wise. If you agree, write to NBC and tell them to have me on the show as a comedian guest counselor. Maybe you can do that HERE.

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