Monday, May 23, 2011

Jessica Delfino Show #10 (Friday)
Strange Love #10 (Monday)
Jessica Delfino Show #11 (Today at 1:15)

On Friday, I spoke live and in person with the terrific and funny Elliot Aronow who runs a music website which is pretty bad ass. Check out out "interview" here.

For our talking points, we sorta made them up as we went along, but here are some of the show's links: (Elliot's Music Website)

This morning, I had the utmost pleasure of speaking with our call in guest John Bowe, author, journalist and writer. I enjoyed speaking with him very much! He's got that je nais cest quai charm that people like myself can't help but fall for. You can watch the show here.

Today's talking points:

Unrequited Love Is Bad For Your Health (University of Wisconsin - Madison News)

US: American's Talk About Love (John Bowe's Book on

Song of the day: Iggy Pop "Sweet 16"

See you later today at 1:15 PM with Wayne Federman, "Anything Goes" channel at

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