Friday, May 13, 2011

Strange Love #4
The Jessica Delfino Show #5
Today's show notes

We started off the morning with the very bright and not to mention adorable Rachel Rabbit White as she discussed her sex-positive journalism and her brainchild, Lady Porn Day. Very unfortunately, we've been having a touch of tech trouble, thus I haven't seen the show in the archives yet and fear it may be gone. I'll keep you posted.

Here are some of our show topics anyway:

Daniella aka "Our Lady of Perpetual PMS" and Jessica talk (blood)wrestling

On a joyous note, however, Daniella aka "Our Lady of Perpetual PMS" dropped in to talk to us about bloodwrestling and GLOB (Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling) in what turned into a really fun and interesting conversation spanning lady wrestling, historic famous female wrestlers and more, and thankfully that episode was archived! You can watch it HERE to catch some of our great conversation and to see Our Lady's uber-creative "tampon stun gun" and her "tiara of tampons" with your own eyes.

Here are today's show topics:

Also: Upcoming Zombie Crawl (w/ GLOB + Jessica Delfino appearances!) -- May 29

Blading (

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