Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday Strange Love / JD Show
Friday Strange Love / JD Show
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Yesterday, I had Inbred Hybrid Collective join us for Strange Love which was not archived, unfortunately, because it was a lot of fun. In the afternoon, Giulia Rozzi was on The Jessica Delfino Show and it was archived!! You can watch it HERE.

Join us on Tue, May 31st for Inbred Hybrid Collective's "Book Club Burlesque" show based on the book, "Where The Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein. Hot stuff! Ouch! Parkside Lounge, 8 PM. More details at Inbred Hybrid Collective's website or Facebook page (soon) and my schedule of events to the right panel of this blog entry.

This morning we had the dashing and brilliant Abiola Abrams join us. I really like to hear her speak while also looking at her. What a great combination. You can see more information about Abiola here, as the show was not archived. At 1:15 PM, join us for a chat with Elliot Aronow of on - Anything Goes channel.

Last night I was super honored and delighted to interview one of my all time favorites, the dashing and hilarious Paul Dinello for an article I'm writing. I will post more info on that very soon.

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