Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet:
It's "Dirty Folk Rock Fashions" Thursday

I'm trying to clear out some of my stage fashions and since I'm getting married and all, I figured why not sell this stuff. Weddings aren't cheap, ya know. They cost like, 1 billion dollars.

I have lots of good clothes, too. I've even been celebrated for my great fashion sense, believe it or not.

Most of my clothing is for the "ladies" and I put it in parenthesis because, who knows if they are really ladies or not? Plus, it can also be for men who dress like ladies and for the new third gender too, I'm not even going to take a stab at how to refer to them because I'll probably eff it up and offend a whole generation of sexy manladypeople. If you know, please share in the comments section. And of course, "men" are totally welcome to buy some of this stuff too, to please their "ladies" or moms or grannies or wear themselves.

I think I just came up with a killer tag line:

"Dirty Folk Rock Fashions - Great for grannies and trannies."

Today on Dirty Folk Rock Fashions:

These lovely lady gloves are an NJ estate find. They are very nicely trimmed along the edge with black "waves" and are cut asymmetrically at the bottom. Great for burlesque or just wearing to look damn fine. They are brown, made of very soft synthetic fabric. They are vintage gloves, they do not smell old or musty and they have a tag inside of them that says, "Made In Germany". They are sized at 6 and 1/2 in the tag. I would call them a small to medium size.

You can buy them here and now for $15.00.

To see other items I have for sale, visit me on eBay. I am building up my eBay page and hope to have lots of stuff up there soon. As always, I'm also doing an outdoor Dirty Folk Rock Fashions sale this Saturday to clear out some of this stuff, so please feel to stop by the intersection of Ludlow and Canal if you are in NYC and check out my vintage stage wear. You'll find dresses, shoes and pretty vintage clothing, mostly ranging in size from 6-12.

If you'd like to see someone else's great finds, check out this gorgeous leather jacket on Farmhouse Garden, my sister's Etsy page. I like her style very much. She's also a great seamstress, collects and sells many sewing patterns and makes a lot of her own clothing, so if that is your thing, check out the nice little web community she is helping to build.

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