Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dirty Folk Rock Fashions Lilac Dress

I've been selling my vintage stage outfits (and pieces I collected for the stage but never wore for some reason or another) and it's been a lot of fun. I've got the "sell" in my soul, my mother used to sell vintage items, antiques and what not to take care of us when we were kids.

She'd find a dresser in the garbage of a friend of mine's house and pull up in front of it, humiliatingly shining the headlights onto it and through their kitchen window as they watched in wonder. "Grab the other end of this," she'd command, and I'd obediently slink out of the car and help, utterly mortified.

I can't wait to pass memories like this on to my kids. Hopefully they'll be better kids and more understanding than my sisters and I were.

My mom used to also have barrels of vintage clothes. I don't know why she kept them in barrels, but she did. Every so often, she'd bust out a barrel, dust it off and crack open the top. Inside were flapper dresses, high heels, furs, hats with lace and rhinestones on them, long gloves and more. We would dress up and goof off for hours as my mom took pictures and helped us try things on.

Still to this day, I love dressing up. I was wearing a regular old pair of pants and a normal shirt the other day and I ran into a friend at a show. He said, "You look so plain I didn't recognize you!" Guess I better start stepping up my game.

Come check out the things I have on eBay. While on tour, during my spare time, I'd peruse shops and collect great vintage finds at estate sales, thrift stores, yard sales, some of them were gifts, such as a pair of red roller skates I'll probably post soon. I have a purse that Tyra Banks gave me which I may sell soon, as well. I had two, I gave one away to Julie Atlas Muz.

I don't have to sell this stuff, but I want to make room for new things, get rid of some older items and clear out the closet. I'm purging, one might say.

Here's a pretty flowered Laura Ashley "Pretty In Pink" style dress. I love this one, it's so delicate and lovely. But it's too small for me in the middle. I thought I might lose enough weight to wear it in some temporary anorexic spell, but it never happened. I just like eating too much.

Most recently, I posted this purple 70s princess coming out gown. Bidding starts at $3. Enjoy!

Next week I'll be in Maine on a writing retreat / home town visit / sister's wedding. I promise to bring back some new goodies to share!

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