Monday, October 17, 2011


The schwag bag drawing was this past weekend, and two winners have been randomly chosen to receive a small bag (or a small box, really) loaded with schwag and goodies from the Den of Delfino Giveaways Chest.

And the winners, are, drumroll, please....

1. Your Favorite Guncle at Gmail
2. SLK 2635 at Gmail

CONGRATS!! I have sent out e-mails notifying those who won that they have won. I need those people to write back and send me the mailing address which they'd like their packages to go to. SLK's email bounced, so I'm going to give SLK a day or two to see this post. If I haven't heard back in a few days, an additional runner up has been chosen who I'll reveal then.

To those who did not win, please read my blog more often, and please try again.

In other news --

There was another Chinese funeral in my neighborhood this morning. I watched from out my bedroom window in my PJs as I sipped a cup of hot licorice tea. I have a beautiful view from the corner perch out my window, all the way up Ludlow Street. I liken it to a widow's watch in a dirtier part of town. I fancy a drug dealer's wife watching out the window, waiting for her love to return alive.

At the funeral, the marching band played as the line of livery cars pulled into traffic jam tightness all the way up Ludlow Street to Broome. One livery cab drove by the officiators too fast and sprayed them with street water.

In one car, several men got in who were all dressed in yellow with pointy jester looking hats.

There's something absolutely gut wrenchingly delightful about Chinese funerals. They appear to be a somber yet energetic celebration of life. When I die, I want a very specific and colorful funeral like that: a band playing, hired mourners, livery cabs.

I have been obsessed with the darker side of life since I was a child. I think the movie Beetlejuice had something to do with it, that and Poltergeist being one of the first adult movies I ever watched (and Stephen King's Cujo being the first adult book I ever read).

A friend and I have just begun a new spooky band together, which I'll tell you more about soon. We are called "The Coffin Lickers" and we are going to do A Very Haunted Halloween Show in December, so keep your eyes out for that.

I also have a field report from a recent Occupy Wall Street visit that I'll share soon.

That's it. You can go about your normal day now.


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Thank you! I received it today! Nothing like a little Delfino to improve my mood.