Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Video Coming Soon

Yesterday, myself and a heaping handful of friends filmed a video in the East and West Villages of NYC. It was a beautiful crisp day with lots of crazy people about, including one quirky lady who scolded us for filming in Washington Square Park because we were interfering with her ability to feed the squirrels on one 3x5 foot area of the massive park.

I couldn't have asked for a better posse of peeps to help with the shoot and must mention them all here by name: our cast included Brooke Van Poppelen, Nancy Lombardo, Giulia Rozzi, Robert Funaro, Ryan Gajewski, David Carl, Seth Herzog, Andy Blitz and Wylie Richardson. Of course you can't make a balls out project without a kick ass crew, which I had in spades - Lucas OBryen, Shannon Kerner, Tina Trachtenburg, JP, David Scott, Clell Tickle and Angela Snellen. Clell and JP also jumped in and played parts in the video - what troopers! My bf even showed up and helped with lighting for a minute.

A shoot can't happen without snafus, and we had them, alright - we had an actor bail last minute, we had one cast member get literally stabbed in the finger and have to go to the hospital to get stitches, we had a little bit of light NYPD harassment for shooting without a permit (it's a real offense!) and we had the aforementioned squirrel incident. Other than that, it was a relatively painless shoot, save the brisk temperature and the long day.

Now comes the hard part - putting it all together.

We already got a little bit of press - one of my favorite local neighborhood websites plugged the shoot and took a few photos, like the one above by Bobby Williams. In it, you can almost make out a man lying in the garbage. We love EV Grieve! Thanks you guys with your eagle eyes, for giving us a shout out.

Also, if you'd like to see photos of a scene starring Robert Funaro, Giulia Rozzi and myself in 3D, check it out here.

I can't really give many details of the video right now, but let me just say, hey "industry", have your people call my people and we'll be in touch... :)

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