Thursday, May 8, 2003

A Poem For You - Goodbye Believe Chicken

Thank you all for coming
to see my shows
My love for you all
Grows and Grows

This is the last Believe Chicken
and now I'm so sad
I wish it could have
lasted forever

Meatloaf won't be there
and neither will Madonna
and neither will Cher
But still, come if you wanna

Please excuse my sausage fingers
as I clumbsily type this poem
I'll keep all of you on my mind
where ever I may roam

The new show I'm doing
will be on Friday at 10:30
at 48th and 2nd
hosted by Kurty

It's called Funday Funny Funday
and should be good
Chelsea Peretti is on the bill
and there will also be food

and $3 beer will be there too
and lots of other fun stuff
Bobby Tisdale, Jon Corbett
and Travis Poston
will be there if things get rough

So come on down and check it out
You'll have a great old time
and say goodbye to Believe Chicken tonight
at Nightingale from 7 to 9

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