Thursday, September 11, 2003

by Jessica Delfino

This is the lullabuy my mother used to sing to me when I
was a little girl.

Slow tempo in C

You should go to sleep right now
You should go to sleep right now
Close your eyes and rest your head
I'll tuck your body into bed
Be glad that you are young right now
because It just gets worse from here

You will encounter disappointments at every stage
in your life, I promise you
And most of your dreams will not come true
though people try to say they do

I promise that life will be full of awkward confrontations
you'll get stuck in ten thousand awful conversations
you'll be late to an important meeting
someday you will get bullied and end up bleeding

someone you love will not love you back
and you'll never, never win the lottery
you will feel emotions such as anger, pain, shame and sadness
over and over, listen to me

you will get into at least one car accident
and you will make foes
you will lose close friends and relatives to cancer
and other horrible unpredictable scenarios

and then you will die, cause everybody dies
life is but a fleeting string of sorrows
but don't think about that right now
just close your eyes and think of angels and rainbows

you should go to sleep right now
you should go to sleep right now

and remember.......
Mommy loves you

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