Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Appearance Coming Up at CBGB's Gallery

I am going to be performing at CBGB's Gallery on Thursday October 16th so write the date down somewhere important where you won't forget to look at it. Also, call all your friends (especially the one with the car) and make arrangements so you can go together, you know, plan where you are going to meet and if you are going to have dinner beforehand or afterwards, and where you will have dinner and for your friend who has a car, what time to pick you up.

The show starts at 10 pm, but I won't be going on until a little ways into the show, so don't feel the need to rush down. If you get there at 10:15, that'd be okay. 10:20 would probably be okay, too. 11:00 might not be okay, but you know, it's your life, you guys, do whatever makes you feel good while you're living it.

Say you didn't come to my birthday party, and I'm not going to mention any names, say, Chelsea, for example, but suppose you were going to come to my birthday party and you didn't get to for one reason or another, say, just off the top of my head, you were being inconsiderate or got too drunk in Brooklyn or whatever, and say you've been wanting nothing more for the past 4 months than to make up for your selfish maneuvers, whoever you might be, this would be the perfect opportunity.

So, write it down! Then stick it up your ass! (so you don't lose it)

CBGB's 313 Gallery
313 Bowery (bt 1st and 2nd aves)
Lower East Side, (NYC)
Thursday Oct. 16th - 10 PM
look on the website for more info:

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