Thursday, October 30, 2003


Fill their shoes with cereal (don't forget the milk)
Put stickers all over the television screen
Kiss them all over their face with chocolate on your lips
Put counterfeit money on their nightstand (then let the fun begin!)
NOTE: Do you know how to make counterfeit money? If not, read below.
Lick all their stamps. If their stamps are the ones that aren't licky, peel them off and put them on regular paper.
Cry all over their favorite shirt. (works best if the crier is a girl who wears make-up)
Get them three adorable puppies.
Put peanut butter in their hand while they are sleeping.
Throw the remote control to their tv away.
Paint their ceiling fan on a hot day moments before they come home.
Step all over their underwear with your dirty clompers.
Clip your fingernails in their bed.
Bake them a cake with pickles in it.
Fill the ice cube tray with rainwater.

Counterfeit money - It is very easy to make, my sister's ex-boyfriend went to jail for three years making it this way. You need a computer with Photoshop, a scanner, a color printer and some heavier stock paper, similar to the paper stock that money is printed on. Scan the money into Photoshop and print it out. Put it in the dryer with your clothes to give it that spent a few dozen times look. Take it out and spend it! It might be harder to do now that there are all these fancy dollar security measures but you could probably still do it. However, keep in mind, you WILL get arrested, and you WILL go to jail for several years, and there's a good chance you WILL get anally accosted. Just a few things to think about. All that stuff aside, let me know how it turns out!

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