Friday, October 31, 2003

Something Like A Poem, A Story and a Song ALL IN ONE
by Jessica Delfino

Get your fuck out of my face
Get your ass out of my bed
Get your smelly feet off the seat that I found in the garbage
and get the hell out of my head

Get your cereal off the top of my fridge
Get your soap out of my soap dish
Get your meat hooks off of my sweet supple personal belongings
Get your reality out of my wish

When are you going to come off of this trip that you aren't even on?
When are you going to face up to people who have been making you feel like you've been facing up to everything?
Are you ever going to do anything that you talk about with your hands up your ass?
Are you ever going to make a wish that has something like realism attached to it?

You should just commit suicide
I don't mean die, I mean kill yourself
Just so you can be reborn
Because you are dying anyway
You're dying, dying, dying anyway, every day
Try diving, diving, diving away
off the bridge, out of the way of the truck wreck that has your name on it

You never were brave, and your inner reserve is too shallow
Your face is too pretty and your insides are melted

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