Wednesday, October 1, 2003


You are invited:

Shecky's 2004 Bar Guide & Review is out for 2004 and they've spared no expense with a boot-knockin', head-stompin', face-smashin', ass-slappin', knee-jerkin', responsibility-shirkin' party from 6-9 pm tonight, with open bar from 6-7. Eat your heart out every other one hour of open bar party in the city tonight!

I have contributed to the Shecky's 2004 Bar Guide & Review party and was paid scantly and treated poorly by restauranteurs who neither know or care about Shecky's Bar Guide and Review, 2004 into infinity. Therefore, I
hereby encourage you all, everyone I know to come to this party at 6, drink my deserved salary's worth of free drinks, and then leave at 7:01.

Also, get a free 2004 Shecky's Bar Guide & Review at the party.


Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
76 E. 13th St. (Broadway & 4th Ave)
New York, NY
6-9 PM - (OPEN BAR 6-7)

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