Monday, November 3, 2003

by Jessica Delfino

Hey there everyone. Check out this website. It's called Bad Dentist and it's about Dr. Larry Rosenthal, the very famous upper east side "dentist to the stars." You'll love this website if you're:

- into dentistry malpractice
- Jewish
- about to have lots of expensive work done to your teeth
- looking for which dentists NOT to ever go to
- interested in reading bizarre websites

It shows that the good dentist is responsible for a monstrous pattern of abuse that he charges tens of thousands of dollars to inflict. Interestingly, he has a lot of patients who are famous and/or rich and according to the testimony on this website, he has a track record of being a bad dentist. Yet, he's still in business. Verrrrry interesting.....

I guess in closing, don't go to Dr. Rosenthal, and also, read this site.

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