Friday, January 16, 2004

What Happened Last Night at Barramundi
by Jessica Delfino

I went to my friend Milton's 21st birthday party last night, but had to leave early when excitement broke out - my current beau Christopher Brodeur got hit in the head with something made of glass by uninteresting from afar and probably from anear as well, Nick Zedd.

The bottle cut Christopher's head open and I had to take him to the hospital. (My friend Adira gave us a ride to the hospital which was very sweet of her. She's super nice.) Christopher ended up getting five staples across his gaping headwound.

Of course everyone is wondering, well, what did he do? He must have done something to deserve it! I didn't actually see the good times occur, but I was in the next room and heard it all. Milton (the birthday boy) and Nick were having a little scuffle. Christopher called out, (he loves to do that) "I wanna see them fight! You're both pussy faggots!" or something along those lines. Nick grabbed something made of glass and bounced it off Christopher's head. (Maybe he really is a faggot.) Christopher said, "I was only joking!" The bartender and others broke up the fight and Raven and I investigated Christopher's head and found the back to be split open about two inches vertically and gushing blood. I took him immediately to the hospital. As we were leaving, Nick was standing on the sidewalk yelling, "Hey Brodeur! You like that? (or something like that) Bleed, Brodeur!" What a fucking lame ass. I yelled back that he had overreacted and called him a pussy and together, Christopher and I stumbled down the street to a frigid stoop where I could try to further examine his bleeding head.

Rev Jen called my cellphone while we were at the hospital to check in on Christopher (I guess she felt obligated as Nick's current girlfriend and Christopher's current ex-girlfriend) and again this morning and raised a good point on Christopher's answering machine and that was that he should press charges on Nick Zedd which I tried to get him to do all night last night and into the morning today, but I can understand why he won't, because I got attacked by a maniac while driving my car in mid-town Manhattan and I didn't press charges. It's more of a pain in the ass than anything and doesn't really solve anything most of the time. Plus, Nick will probably always be a violent dick bag, no matter he gets a ticket or not. I don't even know Nick, but I do know that what an idiot.

Also, I hope that Reverend Jen breaks up with him - not to serve him right or anything, but (I would like to say that I really do like Reverend Jen and I hope if she reads the above entry she understands my bad mouthing of her beau from one protective female to another [protective?] female) it makes me feel bad that she is involved with a person whose thought process is seemingly very limited (maybe only under the influence of alcohol and/or?) and whose actions tend toward violent instead of intelligent. Reverend Jen herself is a very intelligent, creative, talented and smart person from all accounts and from what I can see, and I am not sure if she knows this or not, (she must) but she is a role model for many women who come through Collective Unconscious and it is not okay to promote dating violent jerks by dating one. However, I don't know the details or any aspects whatsoever surrounding their relationship so I guess the old walk a mile in some shoes proverb applies to me here. But honestly, shoes or not, I hope that she is not being hurt by him.

So, in closing, Christopher is fine, he has a few staples in his head and everything is okay for now. Unfortunately, this kind of thing seems to happen to Christopher a lot, and it probably won't be the last time a sensitive but violent art fag tries to attack him.

PS. I have bad mouthed Nick a lot in this entry, and it is sort of unfair because I really don't know Nick Zedd, but of the work of his I have seen, I think it is not good, nor is he particularly handsome or interesting seeming from afar (as I mentioned before) and I hope he has something else good about him, like he's super sweet? or intelligent and creative to be dating someone so gentle and special as Reverend Jen.

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