Friday, January 16, 2004

Politics For The Politically Retarded
by Jessica Delfino

The super handsome and talented Christopher X. Brodeur has released his first book under the publishing company, Extreme NY. His book is entitled, "Perverted Little Creep" and all biases aside, it is really very good. I didn't want to like it at first, because I am somewhat confused and unclear about his obsession with hating Mayor Giuliani (which he certainly does) but after reading the first few pages I really couldn't stop. I read it just about straight through in one or four sittings. He is now selling his book at which is pretty neat-o. I tried searching for it and couldn't find it using the book's title or author info, but it did come up using the ISBN number, which is 0-9741593-0-1, so if you go to investigate, copy and paste that number into the search bar.

I wrote a little review of the book which I pasted below, and you will (hopefully) see it again if they allow it to be put up on the site. (They have rules and regulations which I didn't read, but I can almost ascertain that the rules involve not using words like, 'retarded' or 'rape' in your reviews, both of which I did use.)

Christopher is very interesting and his writing is good - I don't know if I'd go so far to say that it is as good as mine, but it actually quite similar in many ways. I guess one obvious way is that we both write with a lot of honesty and with a sense of a 'normal' speaking voice. He writes more political topical shit and some music and art related essays, he also writes "Information Updates" which I haven't seen him write in awhile, but they are way super interesting and if you get your hands on one I suggest you read it from top to bottom, photo-copy it and give it to a friend. Chances are you won't be able to stop yourself from finishing it in one smooth motion. He will run for mayor again in 2005 and has some really interesting ideas on his website - Check that shit out.

He's having a book release party on January 27th at 675 Hudson Street (near 14th St and 9th Ave) Buzzer 3N (in a really cool tango dance studio space) featuring performances by Corn Mo, The O'Debra Twins, Tom Ritchford and other performers (me, too) and free booze. The party is free and he will be selling and signing copies of his book (but he won't be signing them with his own name. (Last night he sold a book to a girl and signed it, All the best. Marilyn Manson.) He's funny. So come and buy a book and drink up the amount of free alcohol's worth that you spent on the book to even things out. ALSO -

Christopher is the genius behind intellectual art band The Tapedeck (featuring Michael Portnoy who was the star of the Soy Bomb stunt during Bob Dylan's set at the Grammy Awards, which, btw, was Christopher's idea.) He will be performing some of the Tapedeck's songs at The Sidewalk Cafe (Corner of Ave A and 6th St.) on January 17th at 7:30 SHARP to 8 PM SHARP in the back room. He has awesome songs - if you like my music at all, you will really love his music. The show is free and there are $2 beers and mixed drinks. The back room is comfy cozy with couches and tables and a nice ambiance so bring a friend and come see the FREE show and get liquored up on CHEAP drinks while listening to his innovative art rock. (And his music, unlike mine, really does rock.)


Politics For The Politically Retarded

Reviewer: Jessica Delfino - from NY, NY

Perverted Little Creep is the organized, detailed and insightfully intelligent ramblings of fascinating, handsome and charismatic madman, Christopher X. Brodeur. Christopher's writing is funny, witty, personable, addictive and thoroughly honest. A little bit of background information on CXB - Christopher is a prolific and talented artist, writer and musician who lives in Manhattan. He ran for Mayor of NYC in 2001 with a bag over his head because he didn't want to be elected based on anything besides his ideas, which, by the way, are stellar. He was arrested for this 'stunt' and before he knew it was wrapped up in an ongoing battle of Chris vs. Giuliani and the NYPD which included illegal arrests, searches and treatment of his belongings and his person. (If you want to read more about him, go to his website - Several of these accounts are detailed in his book, "Perverted Little Creep." He talks about being sent to Riker's Island, beating Giuliani (over and over again) in court, and proves that Giuliani was a bad man who did many bad things. I read his book in two days - I honestly couldn't put it down. I consider myself thoroughly politically ignorant but this book not only appeals to those interested in politics, it also appeals to artists, the working class, psychologists, sociologists, underdogs, anyone living in NYC, everyone who likes to read interesting writing, fans of Christopher's, and the list goes on, infinity, ad nauseum. After reading his book, I have better knowledge of the world around me and the city I live in (NYC). I am one of those people who likes to think everything is nicey nice, even when the facts point elsewhere. This book snapped me out of it a little. It said, "Hey, Jessica. Just because a man is wearing a business suit doesn't mean that he won't rape you." Buy and read this book, then when you are done, give it to a friend to read and tell them to pass it on. Thankfully, there are people like Christopher Brodeur who are fearless for those of us who are not.

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