Sunday, January 4, 2004

by Jessica Delfino

I used to write music reviews for back in college. I also wrote for a few shitty local music newspapers in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. If you have ever heard the radio in that city then you can only imagine what the bands that come out of there sound like.

Anyway, a friend referred me to this website called You can go onto it and write reviews of people's music. I love writing reviews because I love being able to honestly emote, or more honestly, I enjoy being mean sometimes. Sorry, but it's true. So many people have been mean to me that I guess I have no choice but to give it back. I'm trying to save myself and all that shit.

So, if you like to listen to music and write reviews, check this out. I think I'll end up also putting my songs on this website, for, as you might have already discovered, the link to my 'songs' page is not working anymore because the site that was hosting my songs went out of business or whatever.

If you are curious, here are some reviews I wrote for other people's songs. I would like to add that, though I do enjoy being honest and mean, honesty is the key element of any review I write. I don't do this because I like to. OK, well, maybe I do, but I also am honest about this stuff because I do believe it is important to be. I have gotten some very brutally harsh and cruel reviews and feedback and I must say that it only has ever helped me to want to be better and work harder. Criticism, even cruel feedback, isn't unwarranted and it isn't inappropriate, especially if someone really does suck.|pe1|Z9-YInTRosb-NFy2YWpkAp43Nw

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