Monday, January 26, 2004

by Jessica Delfino

People wrote some reviews about my song on that website, I am pretty happy with the feedback I've gotten. I partially agree and I partially don't. These are some of the things people have said: (In the reviews, the first line is the title of the review and the rest is the body, at the end are any special awards they voted for my song to have.)

shame can't the lyrics over the guitar try another mix and maybe drop the
key or use a capo

I liked the lyrics
I liked the lyrics but I didn´t like the acoustic guitar (too simple).
The vocals are good and stand out in the music.
Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Lyrics

short... hmm deja-vu?
Waitasec, I've reviewed this before! Oh well here I go again.
Lead vocals are okay... I think the double-tracking is actually
detrimental in this case. Feel free to drop one of those tracks.
The acoustic guitar doesn't really sound much like an acoustic;
direct input by any chance? Lyrics... well, they're original.
Not many people sing about vaginas anyway. Heck, I obviously
remembered it, didn't I? I never forget a vagina.

Bleeding from my ears
This tune starts off with a real interesting Joni Mitchell feel.
After that it gets really tongue in cheek and, I guess that was
what you were going for. I am really really torn as to how to rate
this one, on one hand, I like the vocal inflection and the guitar
tones, yet, on the other hand, the lyrics are pretty foul. So, here we go......
Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars

I don't like the effects on the vocals. I like clean girl vocals.
Whoa. What's with the lyrics. It doesn't feel like a funny song.
It's catchy though. I'll give you that. Strange song.

Girl power is played out, but at least this song had a little
meaning to it. It is really funn though
Extra Credit: Lyrics

period song..
the double tracked vocals at the beginning are great, wow crazy lyrics.
no holding back there. is that an acoustic guitar? sounds like an electric to me.
Extra Credit: Female Vocals
Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack

Nice Work!
This was a good song overall..I liked it. The lead vocals were sharp
and crisp, and out front where they should be in this type of tune.
The acoustic guitar was good...but I would have prefered a touch of
reverb on it (not an issue, just a personal preference). The lyrics
were a shocker in some aspects...not outrageous..but could lead to
some stations not playing it. But the msg was good and I understood it.
Overall I would say this is an excellent song.
Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Production, Lyrics

original lyrics
The production is a little weak on this track. I would like to hear these
vocals under some better sounding circumstances. They tend to fall flat at
different points throughout the song. The acoustic guitar doesn't sound as
full as i like either, but god damn I love the lyrics to this track... classic.
When i get done this review i'm going to check this artist out and see what else
you have up your sleeve...
Extra Credit: Lyrics

These are the truest lyrics I've heard yet! :)
Lead Vocals: She has a great voice, no doubt. I'm just not a fan of doubling up..
Acoustic Guitar: Talented
Lyrics: HAHAAH.. I love em. And it's all TRUE!!!!

YOU CAN HEAR the MP3 of SUDDEN CHANGE by going to my HEAR MY SONGS link or going to and searching for it under "Jessica Delfino."


My one woman show is next Monday, Feb 2nd at UCB Theater. It is my first solo show, I think, no, I guess my second if you count the one I did at CBGB's, but CBGB's was all music - this show is going to be a conglomeration of music, sketches, jokes, video and more, including free wine for all audience members. The show is a half-hour long and is paired up with another person's half-hour show (I'm not sure who that other person will be but I'm sure it will be good) making the total running time one hour. The show begins at 9:30 PM and so you'll be home by 11 pm. Not so bad. My show is on the SPANK! showcase, which is an event every Monday which reviews new (often solo) shows in consideration for a longer run at the theater, so let's hope I do good. (Is that how it's supposed to be written? Or is it do well? Kyle? Where are you to curse me out when I need you?) So, in closing, come to the show. It's $5 but I've tried to compensate for that by purchasing wine for the audience to drink and I'm putting a lot of work into this show and it will be $5 worth of entertainment, for sure. (Take that however you would like to.) RSVP for tickets at: 212-399-9176 (RSVP for the Spank Show on Mon, Feb 2nd at 9:30). UCB's website is UCB Theater is at 307 W. 26th Street below Gristede's. (Near the corner of 8th Avenue.) If you've never been to UCB, this is a good time to go check it out. It's a great theater that puts on a lot of funny, (really funny, not just shitty funny) sketch shows and houses improv comedy troupes that are actually very talented and subversive (and not shitty.) The Upright Citizen's Brigade used to have a tv show, and when the show got cancelled they got their own theater. Now, Amy Pohler (of Upright Citizen's Brigade) is working on Saturday Night Live (along with Horatio Sans who is also from Saturday Night Live.) Sometimes, they come back to the theater every Sunday night (along with other very funny better-known comedic alumni of UCB and other theaters) to put on a show called "ASSSCAT" which is an improv show based on the monologues of a funny (sometimes even famous) person. All their shows are cheap and most of them are very good. So, even if you can't see my one woman show, I do recommend you go there at some point to see something, but here is a perfect opportunity for you to kill two birds and all that stuff.

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