Friday, March 26, 2004


Hey. I'll be performing at Astor Place tonight (6 train) heading uptown. Come by, sign my guest book and give me a coin wrapped lovingly in your pocket lint.

I'll be there tonight, FRIDAY, March 26th? at 5:30 pm until????

Also, if you aren't busy on Monday night, the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players will be opening up the O'Debra Twins Show N Tell at the Bowery Poetry Club, 10 PM, THIS Monday night. I will be there performing also, as it is an open mic, but not only 'an' open mic, the BEST open mic in the city, I do believe.

So, what else is new?

I'm still looking for an apartment. I am trying to talk someone into letting me be a half roommate (that's keep clothes and personal effects in their closet, sleep there two nights a week with full-time shower access but only pay half the amount a normal roommate might. This is good for someone who's parents' pay their rent and they just want some pocket change to spend on trucker hats, Captain Crunch, what have you. (Read:"art" guy)

I'm still looking for a job, though lately I've been playing a lot in the subway and making a few nice bucks. Yesterday I made nearly $40 in two hours. NOT BAD. Now, if only I could do that for 40 hours a week, and if there were some kind of benefits besides getting to know all the homeless people on a first name basis.

I'm still looking for an answer to all my problems. Anyone have it?

I was walking down the road the other day (this sounds like a set up to a bit) and I saw a poster that said, "GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST." Then, there was this phone number: 212-613-5803. I called it and vented into a voicemail. Not as satisfying as cussing out a real life human being who had done nothing to me, but a close second, I suppose.

I saw a piece of musical theater this past weekend called, Rite Of Spring, directed by Julie Atlas Muz. I don't know much about her, but supposedly she is a darling of the dance scene and gets grants to curate various shows and what have you. The show was about 35 minutes long and bawdy, dark, twisted, blue, nude, and really pretty fabulous. It was put to the music of Igor Stravinsky, which was performed by a live band called the Butchershop Quartet. The show is at DTW at 219 W. 19th St. It is over but will be up again April 2 and 3rd and it was sold out the night I saw it, so I do recommend if you'd like to see it, make it happen now. If it's already sold out, try calling in to be a volunteer usher. 212-691-6500. Lady Ace is in it, a lot of people like her I guess, and James Ferguson, Dan Sullivan (who was raised in Maine I learned from the program) also the world famous *BOB* and other local burlesque favorites. If you like balls and vaginas and dry humping set to the music of a dark, possibly suicidal composer, you shall love RITE OF SPRING.

So, what else, what else???


Oh, Johanna Buccola, if you read this, please call me. I've been trying to call you for days and your cell says it's not taking any calls. It's hurting my feelings. Also, my cellphone broke and ALL the numbers in my phone book are gone forever. I have a new cellphone now and the phone book is empty. So, if you are a friend of mine, please call me and LEAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER when you call. I love you.'s something. There is an open mic every Thursday at Totem in the East Village at 11th Street bet. aves A and B. It starts at 7:30 ish, it's free, it's a great line up of stand-ups mostly from UCB Theater, it's very comfy/intimate, there are $3 pints and free goldfish snacks. Awesome. Go.

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