Sunday, March 7, 2004

...and other stuff...

I went to the Madagascar Institute party in Williamsburg this past weekend. It was super amazing. I'd never been to anything like it before or since, and I don't know where else I'll get to see something so unique and stimulating.

It was like a carnival made by artists that are stuck in kid land. There were weird rides and awesome live acts. I saw this band called "Aqui" which means "here" in spanish. They were so fucking awesome, I couldn't even believe it. The lead singer was this sexy, slender shim of a man/woman, she was obviously female, but she had masculine qualities that made her appealing on many fronts. She sang with an awesome deep voice and her body movements made her very interesting to watch. I recommend you look them up if you like punky-rock art metal. They were really great.

I guess the guy who sort of is in charge of Madagascar Institute (I think his name is Dave?) hurt himself really badly when he accidently shot himself or something when he was trying out a confetti gun that he had made. There was a big, blown-up well-written article in the Times about what had happened, and the party was a fund-raiser for him. It was $10 to get in, which was very irresponsible for me to pay, being as broke as I am, but I paid it because I knew the show was going to be awesome.

I ran into my friend Chris Siemasko at the party, as well as Jason Trachtenburg of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, and a few other people I knew, which I didn't really expect to do. There were over 3000 people in attendance, I hear.

It was a huge warehouse and every room was full of weird contraptions and devices and live performances and strangeness. If you ever hear of the Madagascar Institute ever doing anything ever, try to go to it. It'll be worth whatever they charge. I am going to write them a letter and tell them that they can have me and I'll do whatever they want me to do.

This is pretty cool - I was on Rivington St. last night and there was some art opening going on, and who's art was it, you ask? Well, let me tell you - the lead singer of GWAR. I met a member of GWAR on the street, his name was Scott Krahl which surprised me, I thought once you became GWAR, your real name turned to dust or something, I don't know. But he goes by Gwar Slave which made a lot more sense to me considering their act.

Have you ever seen or heard of them? If not, I recommend you check them out. Google that shit. He was keeping company with an adorable pink-haired lady named Kat. They were just in town for the weekend, but the good news is, they are planning to go on tour this summer, so I hope I get to see them. We exchanged contact info and then I went on my merry way. Isn't that so awesome?

My favorite old ex-boyfriend from highschool, Alex Raye, introduced me to GWAR back around '95. He also introduced me to RUSH and Joni Mitchell, and Tower of Power, and so much other great music. He is one of my most important musical influences, and I miss that guy. He is currently married to my sister's high school best friend. Funny how life works out sometimes.

I played my guitar at Astor Place today for close to two hours. I made $23 and change. I am going to start listing my subway performances in Time Out NY and the L magazine. Why the fuck not?

I am going to be at Luna Lounge tomorrow night for Eating It. It is the first time I've ever done Eating It. It's actually a special event called "50 in 50" where they have fifty comics who each get one minute. I think it's going to be a mob scene, but it should be fun.

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