Friday, March 5, 2004


So, Howard Stern is having a little trouble right now. I think he's a dumb dick and I don't really like his show, but the craigslist poster who put up this listing has a good point. I encourage anyone who reads this to take a minute and e-mail the chairman. I don't do political shit too much, but I have an opinion and an agenda as far as freedom of speech and censorship go. If we all sit back and do nothing, it is going to affect us in a very negative way. We can't be programmed by religious kooks with bibley agendas. The listing is below, and my letter I sent is below as well. Feel free to copy or use any part of my letter if you don't know what to say. My letter is not very good, but the sentiment is there. Stand up and represent the right to free speech, unless you're okay with christian rock.


Please help!! The FCC is trying to destroy one of our basic freedoms in America...freedom of speech. Write to the chairman and tell him you will not stand for this.
Tell him to leave shows like Howard Stern alone. Stand up for your rights as an American.

email to:


Why are there so many issues involving the questionable mistreatment of the constitution coming up currently? It is because people in power are abusing their rights and disobeying the laws that this country was founded on.

THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH is the single most important freedom that the people of America are allowed. The fact that I get to write this e-mail right now is just a tiny example of the bigger picture - free speech is allowed here. But that right is dying, because THE FCC and other facist government agencies are illegally cock-blocking the voice and rights of America.

Freedom of speech and other basic rights issues are coming up again and again, because RELIGIOUS KOOKS (disguised as well-intended government officials, and inaccurately referring to themselves as a religious rite) are in authoritative positions. These kooks are putting their own religious beliefs and fancies in front of laws and the very CONSTITUTION that represents the people.

SEPARATE religion and state! Obey YOUR laws! DO YOUR JOB!!!!!! Do not censor our rights to free speech on the radio or otherwise! Please do not break the law anymore! You are going to cause the people to revolt and a lot of unnecessary bloodshed and turmoil if you try to take away our basic rights. The people of America will not stand for this much longer! There are bigger things to be worrying about than the F word.

Jessica Delfino

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