Thursday, May 20, 2004

9/11 Hearings Outburst Covered By Every Major Media News Source

I am compiling links and information in regards to which news sources covered the Giuliani outburst, especially if it mentions Christopher or I or shows our photos. It may or may not come in handy when putting together press kits for Christopher's Mayoral campaign.

I saw a very nice picture of us on, also Christopher's photo is in the Washington Post, also Newsday and I am sure several other papers.

Check it out here:

MSNBC link

If you have any links, photos or video, please send it to me!!!

You can e-mail it to me at: or you can also send it to me at: 230 W. 55 St. #23D, NY, NY. 10019.

Last night I went to Collective Unconscious to perform and when I got there, lots of people came up to comment on seeing me or Christopher on the news. Christopher said that he watched the 11 PM news on WB and it showed me momentarily getting manhandled by the feds. If anyone has that footage, I'd very much love to have a copy of it. Many people called Christopher a hero, some people gave me a little bit of credit for being involved - I don't think I deserve any kind of credit, I was only there helping Chris to get his message across - basically that Giuliani is a tyrant and a scoundrel. (I like using pirate words to describe people.) I also posed as his human shield to keep people from being able to get to him so he could speak/disrupt the hearing more aptly.

If anyone has any questions about why Giuliani is a bad man, please e-mail them to me or visit Christopher's website, You can also visit He also has a book for sale on Amazon called "Perverted Little Creep" which is what Giuliani called him after he openly criticized Giuliani on his talk radio show. There is not much dirt about 9/11 in the book, but it is very, very good.

I noticed mixed feedback on my bulletin board today - half praise and half angry responses to the outburst. I appreciate all comments and so please keep them coming, be they ignorant or intelligent.

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