Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Delfino & Brodeur physically removed from 9/11 hearing

Well, friends, looks like Ms. Delfino just accidentally became a political activist, guilty by association and dedication to her boyfriend and his battles.

When we rode our bikes up to the New School Auditorium this morning at 8 am, I had no idea what was going to transpire. I was going there with Christopher to help him pass out his flyer with a title page that says, "Did Rudy Giuliani Kill 3000 People? You be the judge!" It then has a hand-drawn picture of Giuliani in dark cross-hatchings saying, "Fuck You! I did nothin' wrong. I'm a hero!"

When we got to the New School, fake security was everywhere. I got to work handing out flyers to all the news crew people in their little newscrew tents and Chris went inside to get a seat and scrutinize Giuliani's testimony. Neither of us had any trouble getting in - the "security" searched my purse but accidentally missed the six-inch serrated Spyderco knife I carry everywhere with me. Oops! Inside, the room was packed. Christopher was rebutting Giuliani's statements with handbill sized notes handwritten with permanent marker, he would hold up high for the commission board and all to see. Twice, a suit monkey asked him not to hold up his signs, and told him the second time if he did it again, he'd be removed.

Every so often, Chris would yell out a comment, such as, "Talk about the radios." Others would follow suit as well, yelling out, "Radios!" or "Motorola!" One woman yelled out that her son was murdered. At one point, the room was in total calamity, with everyone shouting over Giuliani's bogus testimony. The thing that was most obviously annoying was that the questions that they were asking Giuliani were time-wasting and boring. They asked things such as, "We commend you on a job well done. And could you tell us if you agree that your leadership which led to the saving of 99% of the people in the buildings would be considered a success?" At that point, Christopher stood up and yelled out, "3,000 deaths is not leadership!" Others started yelling out as well, and before I knew it, we were surrounded by cameras, press people, and security, and everyone was yelling for Christopher to leave. They were trying to reach over me to grab him, and I smacked their hands off of me, saying, "Don't touch me," and "Let him speak." They kept saying I'd have to leave and trying to pull on me. Norman Siegel came over and told Christopher that if he wanted to not get arrested, he'd have to leave with Norman now, without anymore to do. I stood up and when I did, about three ape sized men grabbed me and started pushing AND pulling me towards the door. As they did, I started handing out Christopher's flyers to stunned onlookers.

The mean security guards mauled me as they walked me out, grabbing my breasts, my arms, holding me very tight, so hard I almost couldn't breathe. I was afraid I was going to get arrested, but I was getting irritated at the manhandling I was experiencing, so I started wriggling, saying, "Let me go, you big fat mook!" The guy was obviously enjoying molesting me "as part of his job" and was laughing at my comments. When we got outside, I started punching him and elbowing his overstuffed gut and screaming, "Let me go!" He was really hurting me. Finally, an officer came over and took me away from the security guard, who had been a private security person hired by the New School, I believe. The cop made me stay put, but the press and radio, news, etc. ascended on Christopher like a freak electrical storm. I could barely see him, he was just surrounded by an ocean of media attention.

A New York Times reporter asked me some questions and a guy from Newsday, also some other girl from some smaller paper. Christopher stayed and got interviewed by 100 different people as I tried to stay out of the rain which at this point was coming down pretty hard.

After all the hub bub, we went to Wendy's and I ate a baked potato. A friend said they'd seen Christopher and I on NY1.

I don't have any personal investment in the scandals that Giuliani has been accused of, and I really do consider myself to be somewhat politically ignorant, which is sad, being a woman of sound mind and body in possession of almost 28 years. But what I have learned, and keep continuing to learn is that the government is not concerned with the "public welfare" and that the word public is just another word for slave or sheep to them. The hearing was a complete and total waste of time and tax payers dollars, except for the fact that some light was shed on some of Giuliani's misdoings and ill-handling of 9/11.

I am glad that I got to be a part of the scene that was made at the hearing, and if it did even a tiny shred of good, then I've done my good deed for the day. People need to know that the politicians don't care about anything but money in their pockets and the pockets of their friends, and that is the sad truth about the state of the government today.

My blog entries aren't usually very political, and I don't expect that they will be getting more political as time goes on. I'm still a performer above everything else. I'm just a little bit frazzled from getting manhandled and electrified from the excitement of being bombarded by film crews and reporters.

Here's a link to a story about the outbreak in the room:

And here's Christopher's quote, which they used:

One [Christopher Brodeur] shouted "talk about the radios" -- a reference to communications problems on the day of the attacks. Another man was removed from the room after he demanded time to question the mayor, screaming: "Three thousand people murdered does not mean leadership. ... Let me ask the real questions."

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