Thursday, June 24, 2004

by Jessica Delfino

I worked today for David, and it was a pretty shitty day. Let me give you a little back story - This is as David told it to me.

Basically, David had some work done to his teeth by Dr. Rosenthal. He had veneers put over three teeth under the promise from the doctor that if David didn't like the veneers, he could have them removed and his regular teeth would still be the same as they were before the veneers. David went to the office for a check up and Dr. Rosenthal asked him how he liked his new veneers. David said that they were blocking his bite. Dr. Rosenthal said, "Do I tell you how to do your job?" He then left and refused to treat David anymore. David went to another dentist who removed the veneers. Once they were removed, he saw that Dr. Rosenthal had drilled his teeth down to stubs, and they were permanently disfigured. David had new veneers put on to cover them and eventually David tried to get his money back from Dr. Rosenthal, but Dr. Rosenthal refused to give him a refund. David put up a website, and started looking into Dr. Rosenthal's history. He found out that Dr. Rosenthal had been sued for malpractice four times and had his license suspended at one point for using it to obtain illegal drugs. People started coming forward with their personal horror stories and thanking David for exposing his acts.

So, that's basically the back story. Last week, David had 10,000 flyers printed up with a photo of Dr. Rosenthal on them, a photo of David's fucked up teeth, and a bunch of information that he discovered about Dr. Rosenthal. He then offered to pay me handsomely to stand in front of Dr. Rosenthal's office and hand them out.

At first, the job was pretty uneventful. I stood there and handed out flyers. After a few minutes, the security guard came out and told me I'd have to leave. I knew I wasn't breaking the law, so I said that I refused to leave and said I knew I wasn't breaking any laws. Before long, Dr. Rosenthal's incredibly HOT, hot partner, Dr. Michael Apa, came out and started asking me questions and berating me.

"Why are you doing this? This is slander. This is illegal. This is all lies. David is crazy. You are ruining someone's livelihood by doing this." He went on and on. All I could do was stare into his gorgeous eyes and watch his lips move. He wasn't being violent or rude, necessarily, but he was definitely perturbed and upset for his business partner, Dr. Rosenthal. And also, he was being all super hot.

I started to feel a little bit bad, like maybe I was making a mistake. Maybe, I thought, David hadn't given me all the facts, or maybe I didn't know the whole story. Then I snapped out of it. I'd seen all the proof myself. I don't know David to be a liar. I then started to feel a little bit guilty for having doubted David. It actually disturbed me that Dr. Apa's handsome good-looks were able to cloud my judgment so easily. I shook myself out of the stupor his perfect jaw-line had induced and told him to call David if he had any questions.

"How much is he paying you? I'll pay you more not to do this. Come up to the office and let me show you his file." I would have gone anywhere with Dr. Apa. But I knew I shouldn't leave, because David was on his way over and probably would have been pissed if I wasn't there when he got there. "You have to leave," Dr. Apa and the security guard said. "You'll have to call the police," I said. "I'm not breaking any laws." So, call the police was what they did.

As we all waited for the police, David showed up. He was obviously very delighted by the whole thing and teeming with anxious energy that came off a little bit like he might have been crazy. Dr. Apa started to talk to him and ask him questions. There was some girl there also who I think was an employee of Dr. Rosenthal, and she was very pissed off. She grabbed a flyer away from me and said, "What the hell is this?"
(Before David got there.) Once David got there, she started goading him, saying things like, "Hey, you seem a little nervous there!" and things like that.

After a minute, David calmed down a little and he and Dr. Apa began talking about the situation in a more respectable manner. Dr. Apa said, "Let's sit down and talk about this." David said, "Tell Dr. Rosenthal to pay me back my $10,000, just so we can sit down and discuss my terms."

The whole thing was pretty nerve wracking, kind of funny at times, and a little bit freaky, also.

The cops finally showed up and said, "Don't block the doors," then left.

I realized on my walk over to Starbucks to get David and I iced teas that obviously, Dr. Apa must have heard stories before about Dr. Rosenthal. He was his partner. He must have heard the accusations before. He couldn't have been oblivious to any of it. The fact that he was in bed with Dr. Rosenthal even though he must've known about the accusations made about 80% of my attraction to Dr. Apa fly up into the sky. David said, "The devil is a temptor." It was a good point. Dr. Hot ass Apa, as hot as he was, gave me a kind of skeevy feeling. I don't like being lied to, and I felt like Dr. Apa was probably not letting on that he knew more than he did.

Here's the most interesting point of all - As I stood on the sidewalk handing out flyers, no less than ten people came over to me and said, "I'm so glad you are doing this. Dr. Rosenthal has to be stopped." One lady called him "an idiot" and another lady told me a story about how he had invited her up into his office after hours and groped her breasts while she was on laughing gas. She asked him what he was doing and he said, "I was only kidding around."

That helped me to feel better about handing out the flyers. Not that I doubted David, I do know him, I have known him for years and I trust him to be an honest person. But it's always good to hear several sides of a story before making a final opinion.

I know that there are other people who have been his clients for years and are probably happy with his work, but none of those people talked to me at all. And like my friend said to me once, "It doesn't matter if a priest only molested a boy one time. He MOLESTED A BOY ONE TIME."

Anyway, I'll be there all week next week handing out flyers. I am going to get someone to come with me, because I'd feel better handing out flyers if someone else were there too, in case I get confronted again. I hear Dr. Rosenthal is in France right now, and I am hoping I don't see him, because I'm afraid he might try to physically or verbally assault me. I might be pissed if someone was handing flyers out in front of my office.

If you want to come and visit me, I'll be there from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, and his office is located at 30 76th St. between Madison and Park Avenues.

I'll be the girl handing out flyers.

PS Dr. Apa, if you read this, please know that though you are incredibly sexy and hot, and I am physically attracted to you in a way that makes me feel dirty, I am dating someone right now. His name is Christopher. I am in love with him, and so I won't be able to date you or spend any time with you. (I'm loyal to the bone, a serial monogamist, if you will.) I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings in any way, but that's the way it goes sometimes. There are other girls out there. None as sweet, charming, smart, pretty, darling, potty-mouthed and wholly adorable as me, but you will find someone. I promise you. However, perhaps maybe you can buy me dinner some night and I'll let you try to prove to me that you aren't evil. I'll have to think about it. (Please keep in mind: Dinner is not an invitation or offer for you to see any of my bikini area parts.) Until then, keep that jawline intact, and if you feel that you miss me, simply gaze upon the photo that you stole of me with your camera phone. You know, the one you took as you kept asking me to "smile"?

UPDATE - I visited Dr. Rosenthal's website and found no information about any Dr. Apa. He might have been either making that story up or maybe he's new there. The only reason I found out his name was because I called the office and asked what the name of that hot young dentist who worked there was. The receptionist said "Dr. Michael Apa." Also, as "Dr. Apa" was walking away, David asked his name, and he said Michael. Hot Partner, tell me it's true, and you exist, and you are indeed a man named Dr. Apa. I don't want to believe you are a liar.

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