Friday, July 23, 2004

This is interesting - today, for the third time this year, I've received an e-mail from another Jessica Delfino somewhere out there. This one lives in California, and came across me trying to find members of her family that have mafia ties. I wish I could have been the mafia Delfino she was looking for. It's true, I am Italian, but I'm not Italian in the Sopranos type of way, where I have a fat husband who cheats on me or anything like that. I'm more the white, would-be sophisticate (if only I weren't so poor) kind of Italian. You know, the one who might ride a yellow motor scooter with a basket full of flowers while wearing a skirt and expensive shoes. Or something.
Below are two of the three, I couldn't find the third. I know I saved it, but maybe it ran away, like I did when I was 15. A Delfino trait, perhaps?
Hello, Jessica, my name is Jessica Delfino too, I livein Lima, Perú in South America (Im speak spanish), its surprise to my, know I not the only with this name, I study Psycology and my face is similar than you, white with brown dark hair. My english is terrible I know, but I what to write you because I want to now something of you, my family is Italy, they came of San Remo and yours?, if you want to now something of me you can write me. My Country is so beatiful, with and ancient and big history, Im in Ny two oportunities four tourist, it so interesting, to much culture and art, you are andartist, Im 29 years old, this is my second carrera(university study) Im a administration too. Well, its time to say good bye, I hope you like my letter, its difficult believe their a few of JessicaDelfino, because in my country Im the only, bye. write me soon and excuse me my poor english.  
Hi, My name is Jessica Delfino and I live in California and I was trying to do some research on my old family that was in the Mafia (for the hell of it) and your name popped up and I was wondering if Jessica Delfino is your actual name. I'm sorry if this may seem stupid but I thought it was kind of cool that someone has the exact same name as I do and vise versa. I am not some weirdo or a stalker or trying to screw with you, and if for some reason you don't believe me I can copy my drivers license for proof to send via e-mail. Oh and how old are you by the way? I am turning 20 in a couple of months. If you read this far then thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail and I hope to hear back from you.~Jesse

It's really weird that you're writing to me, because you're the third person this year to tell me that your name is Jessica Delfino and that you were doing research on your name for whatever reason and happened to come across me. I don't think you are joking, I just think it's really strange that everyone decided this is the year to start looking for other Jessica Delfinos!
I was looking for my dad awhile back who lives in LA, also a Delfino, and I couldn't find him. But then he called me a few weeks ago and told me that he was looking for me. It must be Delfino hunting season or something. I don't think I have any family in the mafia (I wish though, because there are several people I'd like to 'disappear' if you know what I mean, and if you don't know what I mean, then what I mean is, I'd like to pay someone to shoot them or have a family member who could probably get away with it shoot them) but I hear I am related to the Rizzo's of Philadelphia, aka Frank Rizzo, a past mayor of Philadelphia, who has been rumored to be pretty tough. When my car got impounded while I was at school in Philadelphia, I called the mayor's office and told them I thought we were related, and asked them if they could call the impound office and get my car released. They did. Very interesting, indeed, Jessica Delfino.
So, what do you do in California? What part do you live in? How old are you? I'm 28. I live in NYC and am an aspiring stand-up comedian and performer. I perform several nights a week in the lively downtown art scene and have a website which is Technically, it's a blog, but when I tell people that I have a blog, they get mad and punch me, so I've just been saying website lately.
Gee, thanks for e-mailing me. Did you find other Jessica Delfino's as well? Maybe we should start a Jessica Delfino club. There are now officially four of us that I know of - one lives in Spain and the other lives somewhere in South America - Argentina, I believe. I grew up in Maine and have been in NYC now for about three years.
Please do keep in touch and let me know what you think about starting a Jessica Delfino club.
Take care,
Jessica Delfino
End Note: If you are named Jessica Delfino and would like to be in the Jessica Delfino club, please e-mail me at Also, I've tried to set up email accounts before and I couldn't use different variations of Jessica Delfino. It always irritated me and left me thinking, are there other Jessica Delfino's out there? It's a fairly unusual combination of names, I'd think. But now I actually know who took the email account name

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