Monday, July 26, 2004


I woke up at 6:30 am when the alcohol wore off. It always happens that way. I'm having a dream that I'm rich or pretty and then, poof! It's 6:30 am and the alcohol's wearing off, jarring me up into a sitting position in bed, leaving me recollecting just vague, shadowy details of the night before, a mental list already forming of people to call and apologize to. I usually can't fall back to sleep and end up either enlisting the help of marijuana or reading until it feels like I have to either get up or start crying. But today was special. I fell back to sleep after only a half hour of trying.  

Finally, I got out of bed at around 1:34 pm in the morning. It felt good to sleep in, even if it was on account of the fact that I got really drunk last night ingesting Bud tall boy after Bud tall boy until I had fantasies of giving myself a home-made hot-needle tattoo on my neck. That's when I know I've had enough. (The occasion? Faceboy had his open-mic on Christopher's roof top last night, as it's former long-time home, Collective Unconscious on Ludlow St. is now officially closed. They are moving to a new space in Tribeca which will open very soon.) I brushed my teeth and dressed in yesterday's clothing, as I had to meet with the producers of the show I'm doing tomorrow night at Arlene's Grocery at 2 pm and didn't have time to look fancy. (Last night's ensemble was thrown on at 7:30 pm, not giving it enough time to get officially dirty, and if it was good enough for the open mic, it was good enough for Arlene's Grocery.) I rode my bike over to the library and signed myself up for 4 pm, figuring that'd be enough time to finish up with the Arlene's Grocery folks. As I rode up to Arlene's at 2:05, cellphone to ear, I heard the message saying we wouldn't be meeting 'til 3. Wish I'd listened to my messages earlier.

I hopped back onto my bike and rode over to the CD reproduction place I go to and picked up my new spool of Dirty Folk Rock CDs. There was a young girl of about 13 sitting in the place with her mother and I briefly considered giving her one of my CDs to listen to. (She looked very uptight and I thought it was because she was the only one in her group of friends who hadn't started her period yet.) I winked at her, decided to keep my CD and headed on bike to Key Foods, my neighborhood grocery store, where I purchased a can of Fresca, a 1/4 pound of three potato salad, a roll, a container of hummus (tomato flavored) and a small container of mesclin salad. (Who said you can't eat healthy on a budget? Did anyone say that ever?)

I rode back over to Arlene's, (at this point it was almost 3) and met up with the guys. Joe booked me on this show a month or so ago. His band, Big Daddy Addy is putting together a variety show that they are pitching to Comedy Central. Eddie Brill and Vic Henley, both real deal working stand-up comics are on the show, along with the band, myself and I think a few other performers. (It's tomorrow night, Tue July 27th, at 8 at Arlene's Grocery, Stanton and Ludlow, $7.) We talked for a bit and then Eddie Brill called and said he couldn't make it to the meeting, so we just had a little picnic (me with my Key Foods selection and they with their pizza.) I was being a real pig with my hummus and pardoned myself for stuffing my face, and one of the guys made fun of me. He said, "Pardon me, I'm gorging myself on baby greens." It made me feel like a self-conscious dopey model and I almost ran into the bathroom to stick my finger down my throat just to prove a point. (That point is, I'm too sensitive.)

We looked at the space and chit chatted about some details, I hung a poster up in the window which my boyfriend made for me, and then I left and rode over to the library, where I am now. (I don't have a computer, so I have to go to the library to do any computer stuff. Does anyone have a half-decent laptop they'd like to sell to me or donate for a tax-break? Isn't that what rich people do a lot? Help...) There was an old man sitting at the terminal I was signed up for. He was wearing three pairs of glasses on top of eachother. It's moments like that where I really love NYC. I told him I was signed up for that computer. He told me it was the wrong computer and I'd made a mistake. I double checked and saw that tri-focals was bullshitting me. Old people in NY are so bad ass. I told him that he was mistaken and he looked at me so sadly through his triple specs I almost just let him have it, but I really needed to update my blog! So I told him to move his old superblind ass and let me have the terminal. (I said that in my head.)

My friend sent me an e-mail that said that I had an interview on today. I read it. I thought it made me sound like a normal person. I don't know how that makes me feel.

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