Friday, October 22, 2004

Blues Update
I feel a little bit better today. I was out and about, riding my bike around the city. I went to Stand Up NY to do the open mic they have at 6 pm, but it was cancelled. That was kind of shitty, seeing I rode my god damn bike there, and it's at 78th and Broadway.

SKETCH: Pretty Face

Skipper: You've got a pretty face, you know that, angel?
Angel: Yes.
Skipper: One thing I love about you is your modesty.
Angel: Ooh, when your sarcastic I just melt.
Skipper: I know. That's why I do it.
Angel: Skipper?
Skipper: Yes, Doll?
Angel: Skipper, I fucking hate when you call me Doll.
Skipper: Oh, baby, I'm sorry. It's just that when we're making love...
Angel: I know, I know, you already told me a hundred times, I look just like Doll.
Skipper: I miss Doll so much.
Angel: I know you miss her, but that damn dog just made a mess and shit all over the place anyway.
Skipper: I know, but shit or not, I loved that mangy old bitch.
Angel: But I'm your number one mangy old bitch, right?
Skipper: Yes, you are, Angel.
Angel: Awww....
Skipper: Aww....
Skipper: Now, go and make me a sandwich, dammit. And get me the paper off the doorstep.

(Angel trots off on all fours.)

ha ha ha - HAAAAA!

Sometimes, when I'm feeling sad, I'll have a snack, like an entire bag of chips or something. But I don't think that's such a big deal. I know a lot of women, who, when they're feeling sad, they'll have a baby.

ha ha ha - HAAAAAAAAAAA!

I'll be performing at the Teabag tonight. 30 Mott St. (downstairs) in Chinatown. Here's the number: 646-613-8887 (in case you get lost) The show starts at 8. I think it's $5. It's usually pretty diverse and interesting, if not slightly overproduced.

While I'm plugging websites, check out Haunted Pussy's new site also. If you are in need of some fun Halloween parties to go to in NYC (most of them free), check out their website.

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