Thursday, October 21, 2004


I've had the blues now for about four days straight. I've had little glimpses of happiness fall through the cracks, but mostly I'm just totally bummed. I can't exactly figure out why, maybe it's because once a month, for a week, I bleed from my vagina. Maybe it's because I'm 28 and I am single and have no children, though I'd think that should probably make me feel happy. It might have something to do with being kind of lonely. My boyfriend is out of town for a few weeks. But, I don't think so, because I've been hanging out with friends and doing lots of fun things.

Last night was the Mr. LES Pageant, but it was held in Tribeca at the new Collective Space. I went as Va-Jesus, a sexy drag king, Jesus style. I didn't even place. I was a little miffed, too, because my costume was pretty creative and the audience seemed to like me very much. I also got tons of compliments. But, I guess that compliments don't vote you into Mr. LES. Moonshine won, which, if any of you don't know him, he's a kickin' bartender at Bowery Poetry Club. He can chug a beer faster than anyone I've ever seen, he's sassy and a perfect combination of pretty and handsome, and he's got lots of tales to tell, which he does via his beautiful poetry. I don't really like most of the poetry I hear, but Moonshine's is very nice.

After the Mr. LES Pageant, we all went over to the Bowery Poetry Club and had a half hearted open mic which kind of sucked because everyone was loud and getting really drunk. But, there was a celebration going on, so that explained that, I guess.

I'm going to Nyack to perform tonight at a bar called "Olives". I don't know what to expect, but I've never been to Nyack. I'm going to take the train and then an express bus. It sounds adventurous, slightly dangerous, and probably mostly uneventful. If you live in Nyack, come visit me and buy me some anti-blooze booze.

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