Friday, October 15, 2004

Headed South

I'm going to be in Washington, DC tonight with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. Tomorrow night in Philadelphia at North Star. I'm headed south after that to Florida for a bit. I'm going to be in Sarasota from Oct. 20-24th at McCurdy's Comedy Theater. If anyone is in Florida and wants to come visit me, please do. Or, if you want to take me out to lunch while I'm down there, (Patrick) call my cellphone - 917-450-4178. Also, at this point, I'm still looking for a ride south. If you know someone who's headed south, please call and tell me. If not, I'm going to rent a car and drive myself, but that seems like a huge waste of space, gas, etc. I was going to hitch hike, but all my friends are freaking out about it and I'm sure I'll get killed if I do, just to prove my boyfriend right. So, I guess that plan is out. I have been checking craigslist but I think I missed all the rides by a day or two.

I'll be updating my blog from the road. See you back in NYC Oct. 28th.

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