Monday, November 22, 2004


I'm going to be starting a new open mic. It's every Sunday night at 7 pm at APOCALYPSE LOUNGE which is between B and C on E. 3rd St. It's starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It's going to be called "All You Can Eat" Open Mic and it's going to be free. Sign up, first come, first serve. I might have real, actual judges. I'm not sure yet. I might just have designated hecklers. I don't believe that open mics should be soft and caring. Maybe it's because MINE weren't, god dammit, but I think it's because I TRULY BELIEVE that being coddled doesn't help anyone.

So come and perform, do whatever you want, and don't expect to get booed off stage, because that won't happen. But do expect a strange show with several hosts, all hot chicks. They have a DI and mics and a stage and all the other stuff that make open mics work.

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