Sunday, December 12, 2004

for anyone with a big fat mouth
TONIGHT! and every Sunday night


Apocalypse Lounge
E. 3rd bt. A & B aves (closer to B)
7 - 9 pm (sign up is at 7 PM SHARP)

Bring: Jokes, music, stories, strange inventions, CDs or other wares to sell or trade, instruments, your alcoholism, food (or get it at one of the thirty surrounding cheap-o restaurants and bring it back to eat), attitude, a friend, two friends, new material, old material, good material, markers and paper (to color on while you wait to perform), shades, something cool that you made by hand.

Don't Bring: Toddlers, TB, crises, Christ, crap, lice, jerks, assholes, dickwads or shitheads.

ANYONE can perform at this open mic, but priority will go to performers who are interested in being funny, or if not funny, at least smart or insightful. It doesn't matter what your medium is, but I want to run an open mic where people can come and either laugh or scoff at how shitty the would be jokes are supposed to be, or ponder intellectualism or scoff at how unintellectual the would be smart anecdote or performance is supposed to be, not cry, or scoff at how sad the would be songs or poems are supposed to be.

Got it?

OTHER NOTES: Apocalypse is a cool, 2-story lounge with wierd art and shit all over the walls, strangely shaped tables and furniture, and a very avant garde atmosphere. Just doors away from Mama's yummies and a few other cheap food spots. You can buy food and bring it back to the show to eat. Apocalypse is somewhat owned by "Rocco Saffredi" - Limelight promoter/performer from back in the day. At 9 pm, every Sunday night after OPEN MIC, the entire space becomes an open musical jam.

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