Saturday, February 5, 2005

ALL YOU CAN EAT... cancelled this Sunday because Apocalypse is doing renovations, not because of the Shithole Bowl. I was going to have the anti-superbowl show with lots of anti-superbowl crap. But oh, well. There's always some other horseshit national event (soon to be holiday?) I can base a show around. Whadda ya think - will the Superbowl become a national holiday someday?

I can see Hallmark jumping ALL OVER that one.

Happy Superbowl Day, to all my loved ones.

I hate the Superbowl. It reminds me of my dad and what a fucking asshole he is.

See ya next Sunday, 7 pm at Apocalypse Lounge, E3rd St. bt. Aves A and B.

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