Saturday, February 19, 2005

ALL YOU CAN TAKE - This Sunday

I'm going to Connecticut to do a show and will not be hosting my show this Sunday. Please see Dan, who will be hosting and arranging the line-up, if you're interested in performing at my weekly, always free semi-booked open mic at Apocalypse Lounge, E. 3rd bt. aves A and B,
7 pm - 9 pm.

After my show, Neil Medlyn will be hosting his own show at Apocalypse. He's a terrific performer, and if you've never seen him, get your ass over there around 8:50, get a good seat and get ready for his unique brand of odd fun. I love him...but not with my vagina. He's funny and subversive, smart and strange. Check it out, you all!

Next week, I'll be doing the Heckler's Ball at ALL YOU CAN TAKE, which I'll describe in more detail soon. If you'd like to perform on the Heckler's Ball ALL YOU CAN TAKE show, please e-mail me. There will be prizes, awards, etc., and tons of no-holds-barred heckling. How much can you TAKE?

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