Monday, February 14, 2005


Uh, oh - I have a feeling this is going to be the next huge book series, a la Harry Potter:

It's a blog written from the perspective of a boy who was raised by Elk. It's funny, cute,
and skewers dumb things humans do.

Check it out here:

My friend Marc Hartzmann, who used to write a terrific zine called "Backwash" for several years (which I contributed to often) is the writer of said Elk Boy blog. He got married not too long ago, moved to New Rochelle (out of this shit hole) and is expecting a baby soon. Congrats, dude. If it's a girl, please name her "Palm Frond" and if it's a boy, please name him "Peter Palm Frond".

Palm Frond is my new favorite word. I am going to use it for a lot of different things now, like, if I drop and break something, or hurt my shin, I'm going to from now on, say, "God Palm Frond dammit!"

And, if I am in a hot moment with a boy, I'm going to be like, "You wanna Palm Frond?"

And if I get hungry, I'm going to say from now on, "Boy, I sure am Palm Frond."

And if I have something really important that I can't forget, I'm going to make sure I jot it down in my Palm Frond Pilot.

I think that word has become popular thanks to the tsunami, because this week I've heard four different people say "palm frond". See? Good things can come out of disasters. Now, I know a new word. It's too bad that so many people had to suffer so I could learn a new word.

I'd rather have just looked it up.

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