Monday, February 14, 2005


This Valentine's Day, start a tradition and continue it for the rest of your life. MAKE something for your sweetie. Make them a card, write them a love letter, cook them dinner, take them to a special place and make something special happen there, make them a mix-tape (AND cd), anything. Something. Use your hands, put your brain to work, find that one, lone, creative amoeba hiding out among the multitude of other, uncreative amoeba and put it to task. What can you do? What can you make? Think, dammit! What?

People used to make stuff for people all the time. People still do. My boyfriend in high school made me a desk for Valentine's Day. I still have it. I wouldn't trade that raggedy old desk for all the Gucci purses in the world.

You might argue that someone had to make the first Gucci purse. Shut up, quit making excuses and dig up some markers.

Last night at ALL YOU CAN TAKE, I brought art supplies and forced everyone to make home-made Valentine's for lovers or a stranger in the room. The result was awesome - everyone made Valentines for ME! And some of them are really beautiful. I feel like a princess this Valentine's Day, and it's not because of Hallmark or Whitman's, or Gucci.

10 pm sign up - Show starts very shortly thereafter
Bowery Poetry Club (just north of Houston)

Where else can you perform in front of 60 people who actually give a shit what you're doing on stage? Where else can you watch 60 people perform on stage who are actually interesting, unique and talented? Maybe they aren't all winners, but a lot of them are really great performers. It's my version of TV.

Happy Valentine's Day. Don't get VD on VD. (How embarrassing that'd be...)

END NOTE: Did anyone hear about the kid who had his I-POD stolen at knifepoint and was instead given an older musical device? AWESOME! The world's getting FIGHT CLUB on our asses! Join, or be forced to at knifepoint! Come on, kids - let's fire up this revolution. And it doesn't have to run on fossil fuel.

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