Friday, February 11, 2005


I performed last night in a bar at 2nd? and 9th called "Telephone Bar". There's a show in the back room (the location of many comedy shows in NYC - either that or 'downstairs' - why is comedy always kept in the back or under the ground?) and it was pretty nice. It was packed, and only a buck to watch.

On the show were Patrick Borelli who I love and just think the world of, comedically, then there was Abby Rosen whom I've known for several years, she had some great material, Aziz Ensari (I'm not sure if I'm spelling his name right) but he did some cute anti-stand-up (playing songs on his I-Pod that he recorded for this girl he has a crush on who's dating someone else) and the show hosts, whose names I mostly forget. There were like, three of them! But each of them had their own adorable qualities, and were even quite proficient on the funny stage arena.

And, they were very nice and even PAID me to perform! I made a fat $6. Hey - I'll take fat six bucks to a skinny no bucks anytime.

My mother called me early (11 am) this morning to inquire about my blog comments from the Opie and Anthony show. Thanks a lot, you dumb O&A shit head geeks, now you've done gone and upset my momma. The last thing I need is for my moms to be concerned, because when she becomes upset, she often gets all vocal about it.

Some assholes owe my moms an apology. Probably their own moms, too. Get on it, oh fat ones.

You can e-mail all apologies to me, and I'll forward them to my mom.

THIS SATURDAY is the long-been-hiding DEEP DISH CABARET. It got written up in this week's NY PRESS, and is hosted by my favorite, Patrick Borelli. Am I stalking him, you might wonder? Am I just finding out about every show he's performing on and then trying to perform on them, too, you may find yourself asking the monitor as you read this? The answer is NO. We just happen to keep coincidentally being booked to perform on the same shows. It's a small pool, and after awhile, the randomness of it wears out. To find out about DEEP DISH, google it. It's a great, weird variety show, and every time I go, I see truly amazing acts I've never seen before. I first saw Mike Albo there, Adira Amram, Quincy Newton, and Michael Portnoy, all who have become favorites of mine. I saw Mike Albo's show at PS122 this past weekend. It was a rainbow of wisdom and wit. See it, if you can.

Junno's Lounge
64 Downing Street - that's a short block North of Houston, and 30 steps East of 7th Ave.
The show is $10 I believe.
Show starts at 10 PM and goes until about 1 am. There are often about 8 acts, with a short break in between for optimal alcohol consumption and schmoozing. And the audience is always hot, too! Always attractive chicks and sexy dudes, filling up those seats with fine, round asses.

THIS SUNDAY is going to be the ALL YOU CAN TAKE Valentine's Edition. We will have spontaneity and more, but will also be having a special guest who will read PRISON INMATE personals ads aloud, in case any of you are lonely, and other special, romantic, red and other typical Valentine's Day cliche-related surprises. 7-9 PM, Apocalypse Lounge, E3rd St. between aves A and B. And it's free, in case you're poor, cheap, or skeptical. **I ENCOURAGE ALL PERFORMERS*** to do something heart-themed.

AND THEN AFTER MY SHOW is a Reading Show I'll be participating in at 21 Bleecker Street, West of Bowery. It's at 10 pm. I don't know too much about it, but it's at a place with a weird, long name, like the Hyperbolic Literary Institute, or some other three-worded upper-crust insinuating nombre. Sounds like it could be a fancy fun time.

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